Monday, 16 July 2012

And now for something completely different

Arba, kaip dabar apsimesiu užsiniečiu.

With the recent decline both in enthusiasm and time, I have thought about forgetting this blog altogether, and leaving it to gather virtual dust and other creepy things that virtual objects gather.

However, I believe that I could bother myself for at least a few more updates, but, most probably without ever stating any updates times, or anything to that regard. I do have a semi-reasonable level of control in English language, and I figured, why not.

So, I'll give a try to do a few English updates, probably translating some of the former stuff, or simply writing anything RPG themed that I take a liking to.

People are asking me to GM another VtM game, so if they manage to poke me to the point where I will agree (or, they will manage the logistics of setting up the group to come together at preset times by themselves), I'll end up Storytelling again. In that case, I promise to publish at least something about that game too.

For those who have just opened the page and have no idea why it's suddenly in English when it wasn't before, well, it's just me being stupid and deciding that I need to lose even more time and this here is a small blog for thoughts about pen and paper RPG and anything remotely to do with that.

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